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Troublesome Night series director Yip Wai Ying returns to the horror genre in the 2018 scarefest The Cursed. Surgeon Jia’er (Annie Liu, Hungry Ghost Ritual), who grew up in an orphanage, is surprised to one day receive news of a grandmother (Nina Paw, Show Me Your Love) who just passed away. The legal letter states that she has inherited her grandmother’s mansion in Malaysia. Confused about this sudden revelation, Jia’er decides to go to Malaysia with her friends Jessica and Amy to find out the truth. Along the way, she re-encounters childhood friend Suwen (Wilfred Lau, The Leakers). While arranging her grandmother’s matters, strange and terrifying things begin to happen, and Jia’er sets out to uncover the secret hidden in the mansion

Genres: Horror
Country: Malaysia, Hong Kong
Duration: 86 min
Release date: 24 Aug 2018
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Starring: Anita Chui, Annie Liu, Suet Lam, Wilfred Lau
HD 86 min
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